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LGBT support in the workplace

  • (I’m working at a well-known family diner. I am one of the gayest men you might ever meet and am serving two elderly ladies.)

  • Me:

    “Hello, ladies! It is very nice to meet you. My name is [name]. You ladies look sharp today! What can I get you to drink?”

  • (I take their drink order, return just moments later, and take their food order. They are acting completely fine, until…)

  • Customer #1:

    “Here, honey, this is for you. You look like you need it.”

  • (She hands me a book on how homosexuality is inappropriate and an abomination. I have faced this before, so to avoid conflict I give them the following response.)

  • Me:

    “Oh, great! My girlfriend will love this!”

  • Customer #2:

    “Oh, nevermind, honey. You won’t need that, then! You never know where these homos are hiding now a days!”

  • (I start to tear a little bit. My manager happens to be gay as well and overhears this.)

  • Manager:

    “HEY! I do not ever want you to lie to a customer just to avoid a conflict! You are one of my best employees, and I will not have some bigoted customers putting you down. Ma’ams, I would greatly appreciate it if you left my establishment and do not return. If you cannot handle him as a gay man, then you do not deserve him as a straight man!”

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